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The packages are set up to tailor to your level of need for and can be upgraded or downgraded as your needs change

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Your Online Empire – Starts Here

Web Development

Building your dream Site

Structuring your message and presenting it Online in a relevant and engaging manner. We use compliant, semantic markup to get you message our there. We take your vision, mission, message, and make it available to everyone.

It’s hard, technically challenging, frustrating and ultimately very rewarding to give others a reaching voice. It’s what we love and what we are best at. Choose us as your Online partners and let’s build out your dream.

Every journey starts with a single step, first step? Build out a great looking site that will inform your clients, while lending a high level of credibility to your starting business. This package tailors to opening up communications and setting a great location for clients to learn more about your business. We offer everything you need to get Online
Lets put a great face on your efforts.

Included in Both Packages

  • html5-html/XML 4.1
  • Professionally developed site
  • Four email addresses
  • Four pages Online – in your words
  • Logo Design
  • Business cards

what does this mean?

We set you up with several email addresses,work with you to get a logo designed, Put four pages of your content Online (max 500 words per page) so the world can see, One of these pages can be a Contact page so you have all your contact info available when people come searching. We will also put your logo and info into our card template so you can easily have it printed out. It’s very little work on your part and we can have you up and Online in no time. We are happy to start small with you and are confident that as you grow so will your site, we offer this package at a great price as a way to start our relationship together.

Great rates from 199- for a single page

Monthly from 12.95

Get started now…

Web marketing

Build Your Startup Site

A combination of techniques to better inform and educate potential clients on the value of your goods and services. Getting the word out about what, where and why you do what you do. So many companies compete that it is essential to get your message out is a clear, concise manner and cut through to win that business.

Included in Both Packages

  • Both
  • Pro
  • Social Media
  • Leads Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Campaign

what does this mean?

There are raving stages of Online marketing, depending on your needs we will set you up too better connect with Social media, contact forms, and optimize your content so search engines will have access to your content.

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Web hosting

Get your website Online

Getting your site Online and making it available to people world wide. This is now common place but it is still exceptional. We put in place a location where anyone searching can find information about your company. Or even better than simple education, have access to purchasing your goods and services in a twenty four seven environment. Seems Blaise now but we are still impressed by this fantastic capability each and every day.

Several packages available

  • based on bandwidth
  • Four pages Online – in your words
  • Professionally developed site
  • Logo Design
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Social Media

Expand your reach

A gift has been given to marketers in recent years, large groups of people congregating on a few top sites. This is a huge benefit for anyone trying to reach others with their message. We target all the hot spots, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and many other sites to give your message an expanded reach.

Available in both packages

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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is an important step in your Online success. It is the procedure of making your site easier to find by top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Chances are before your clients buy anything, they will be doing a bit of research to find what and who to buy from. Just being in that short list that gets looked at is a large part of the challenge of Online business.

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making your site available to all

Making sure everyone can make use of your site is more than just kind, it is good business. We will make your site accessible to the standard if AA which is a reasonable amount of effort for the maximum gain. AA is the level that some governments strive to achieve for a tangible example and protects you from potential legal issues.

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Selling Online

Selling Online, no bones about it. It is one of the promises of the Internet, giving you access to a world of clients. The reality of it is grounded by shipping and language, but over come these challenges and the world is your oyster. We help things along by building out your ability to sell products, digital goods or services. This includes a shopping cart and helping sort out the ability to take credit cards. It takes some effort but for many businesses it is a huge jump forward.

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Inbound marketing

capturing clients as they search for you

Inbound marketing is attempting to be found by clients as they research things they want to buy. It is closely tied with SEO and social marketing in that both attempt to get your message out there. It is critical to be available when your searched for. Be there with they are looking with the right mix of message and goods and you will have a great chance to win that business.

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Leads generation

Finding potential business

Leads generation can happen in many ways but one way is through capturing the traffic that all the other techniques have flowed to your site. Even if the client does not immediately make a purchase we try to capture their contact info for future marketing efforts. This gives you many more shots to build a relationship and convince them on the value of your goods.

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Print Media

Old fashioned print media.

We build you a great logo as a start to each package, why not extend that brand to your print medium. We offer several print packages for your business cards, pamphlets, fliers etc, ask us for more details

Interested in some Print Media?