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At My Startup Online, we specialize in getting Start-ups and Small businesses online.
Here you will find everything you need to get a strong web presence up and running well. Let us take care of your Web Development, Hosting, Marketing and setting up E-commerce for you. Whether your just getting started or well on your way, we want to be on your team.

Your Online Empire - Starts Here

Web Development

Web Development

Build Your Startup Site

Every journey starts with a single step, first step? Build out a great looking site that will inform your clients, while lending a high level of credibility to your starting business. A great looking site is much cheaper that a good looking store front. As your gateway to the world, your website is how your clients will identify with your company.
Lets put a great face on your efforts.

  • Informs your clients
  • great point of contact
  • Professionally developed site
  • Builds your Brand
  • Adds a high level of credibility
Create a strong online presence
Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Get Your Startup Online

My Startup Online will set your site up on our servers and keep it accessible to the world. Monitored, managed and updated all the technical hassles of having a website are taken care of by our professional team. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime guarantee your content is always online. Content updates and new material?
Yep we help with that too.

  • Unlimited packages
  • 99.9% uptime guarantied
  • Set-up included
  • Managed means stress free
  • Fast page load times
Simple is the name of the game.
Web Marketing

Web Marketing

Market Your Startup Online

Build it and they will come? Sure, if you get it out in front of your target market. Powerful solutions to get more eyeballs on your products and services. We use the power of Social Media to help you build your brand, build a following organically, naturally with proven techniques. Facebook, twitter and Google + All the big names.
Getting the word out is what we do best.

  • Engage your followers directly
  • Influence like the big guys
  • Brand building
  • Great lead generation
  • Organically grow your market
Maximize opportunities and get noticed

A complete package from start to finish

One team, one contact for everything!

We build you tools to better create and manage relationships with your clients. Quickly deployed, our base code is rapidly customized to meet your unique needs, getting you up and rocking with full capabilities in no time flat. We aim to save you time, money and frustration with simple to understand packages built around a complete online experience.

  • nurture leads

    Winning Design - your site will show credibility to clients

  • nurture leads

    Quick Page Loads - in this game seconds really matter

  • nurture leads

    Custom Sales Funnel - make the most of your traffic

  • nurture leads

    Dedicated Account Manager - grows your site with you

Every Contact - convert every contact

Stand ready when you are sought out. We work hard to attract and retain the quality leads earned by your social media, search and all marketing efforts. Here engaging content is King

Every Lead - conveying leads to clients

We help you by setting up your marketing funnel for you, turning contacts into solid leads. Capturing contact info like email addresses allows you to better convince a client your services are the best for them

Every Client - your site will give clients a solid experience

As you well know getting the client is not even half the battle, give your clients a solid experience and a one stop shop for company info, resources and access to support options.

We build you tools to
better create and manage relationships...

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Nurture Leads

Be ready when people are looking for your services. Be ready with solutions clearly presented to win that business. We help make you ready to be found using valuable search engine optimization, built into every site.

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Easy to Set-up

The team works directly with you to get your vision on screen. We walk you through the steps needed to get a great Online presence established explaining why and what needs to be done, taking your input and leadership cues along the way.

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Solid Presence

Your site should be a robust as your business is. There is nothing like a great site for setting you into a fantastic position pre-sale These sites do a large portion of the heavy lifting allowing prospective clients to learn all they need about your offerings.

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Superior Support

Our personal one to one support helps you easily set up and manage your site. We have the tools and expertise to drive your vision to market. Get the satisfaction of working with a team member that understands where your coming from and can adapt that to a winning strategy.

Services available

We have pre-packaged services geared towards a start-ups needs, from the basics to the advanced we have you covered

Packages we offer.

The packages are set up to tailor to your level of need for and can be upgraded or downgraded as your needs change

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